Worker’s Compensation is a no-fault system created to provide injured workers with partial replacement of their lost wages, medical bills, and rehabilitation costs with cash. This “no-fault” system means that an injured worker usually does not have to prove that an employer was negligent.  As a result of this system, the worker does not have to file a lawsuit.

Why do I Need a Lawyer?

Worker’s Compensation benefits are for temporary injuries.  Permanent injuries, such as a disease caused by the work environment or the loss of a body part or permanent disfigurement, may not be compensated appropriately under this system. Further, in the case of the death of a worker, benefits are paid to that worker’s dependents. Every state has enacted a set of laws that govern the procedures, discuss the benefits and define the terms used to determine what injuries are covered and how they are covered.


The system of Worker’s Compensation usually includes a payment by the system to your attorney that does not reduce or change your recovery.  For this reason alone it is wise to involve a lawyer in your negotiations and claims. Because these laws and procedures are complex and can vary greatly an experienced lawyer can help.  Call Tolicus Law today to learn more.