When you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, whether it is a supermarket, shopping mall, hotel, cruise ship, or, really anywhere, even a friend’s house, it is not always clear who should pay for your medical bills and take responsibility for the costs of the injuries you have suffered. In addition to medical bills, there are often lost wages and pain and suffering recovery damages.  Tolicus Law attorneys know you have questions. Our slip and fall lawyers have answers. Our lawyers have been helping slip and fall victims for more than 30 years.

How to Prove a Slip and Fall Injury

According to the NFSI falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of emergency room visits (21.3%). The most serious common injury in a slip and fall injury is a fracture, resulting in lost work and pain and suffering. Tolicus can help recover the lost wages, and even recover from the insurer of the property owner. Slip and fall accidents cases require that the injured person prove negligence, and involve the following primary elements with respect to the property:

  • The property conditions were dangerous; and
  • The property owner knew, or should have known, about the property’s condition; and
  • The owner had a reasonable opportunity to fix the condition of the property

Proving negligence is not easy, but we have the resources and knowledgeable attorneys and investigators with offices located throughout the United States.

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