Automobile accidents happen a lot. If you have been injured, you must have a lawyer now! If you want to receive compensation for car accident injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other problems from injuries you will have to deal with a trained, professional insurance company adjuster.


All an insurance company wants to do is make money, save money, and not give money to you if they can help it.  Many people do not know this.  Many of our lawyers have worked for insurance companies in the past and we know them inside and out. A smart lawyer from Tolicus can make all the difference. You will get a bigger recovery and more money, even after the lawyer’s fee is taken out than you could ever hope to receive by yourself.


  • A lawyer can threaten them with filing a lawsuit and you can’t do that as a practical matter without a lawyer
  • A lawyer knows how to evaluate your case, how to negotiate, and how insurance companies look at your case, and thus we know how to obtain the best possible results.

Just like a lawyer should not practice medicine … a non-lawyer shouldn’t attempt law, as the old saying goes, “they would have a fool for a client.”

COVERAGE: Did your insurance agent tell you that you have “full coverage” on under automobile insurance policy? NOPE. THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

ADJUSTERS: Try calling an adjuster…. It is a huge waste of time.  You will get a busy line or voice mail time and again.  That’s the idea.  They want you to be frustrated and agree to anything.  Why are insurance adjusters so friendly when you first file a claim?  And then not friendly when it is time to pay.  Because they get a bonus to get rid of cases early.  We have lawyers who have worked for insurance companies in the past.  We know how the adjusters work and deal with them every day. Call us now. E-mail us now.  Or fill out our online claim form now to get connected to real professionals.