Car Crash? Slip & Fall Accident?

The First Question and the Myths

The first question is will you be okay?  Physically?  Emotionally? All of the things that matter most.  A huge part of the physical and emotional worry involves money.  Your car might be damaged and undrivable.  Perhaps your injuries will prevent you from going to work.  We can help solve those problems.  But first, you should know the "myths" - the things about injuries that are not true:

  1. You can settle a personal injury claim with the insurance company of the "at fault" driver and still sue the driver who caused the accident.  FALSE. If you settle your right to sue is gone forever.
  2. The insurance company other driver is automatically required to pay lost wages and medical bills. FALSE.  They will only pay them if you settle or sue.  If you do it without a great law firm - you are likely leaving money on the table.
  3. In a court case, you get to tell the judge or jury that the "at fault" driver has insurance. FALSE. Except in very special circumstances, the jury will usually never know this.  It is your word against theirs.
  4. If the other driver gets a ticket they are automatically "at fault" and you win your case.  VERY FALSE. The police officer who gives a ticket does not get to testify in a personal injury case.

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